Looking for Beer like Angry Orchard? You Should Try These

Have you been looking for something similar to Angry Orchard in the beer section, and coming up empty handed? Well, that's because it's not actually a beer at all—it's a hard cider!

But you're not the only one to be confused, because Angry Orchard is a brand of hard cider from the Boston Beer Company. In 2012 it was introduced to America and almost instantly captured 40% of the country’s cider market.

Hard Cider is an alcoholic beverage that takes simple apple juice and ferments it. The sugars within the juice create alcohol. Just as wine makes alcohol from grapes, hard cider does the same with apples.

The fermentation process works with many other juices as well. Angry Orchard, like other brands, has found that by fermenting blackberries, strawberries, and other fruits, they can create delicious alcoholic beverages with a lot of different flavors.

So if you love the hard cider varieties from Angry Orchard, keep reading to learn about 8 more hard ciders that you also may enjoy.

Bold Rock Hard Cider

The number one alternative to Angry Orchard in taste and looks is the cider line from Bold Rock Brewing. Made with granny smith apples, the drinks’ smooth taste and cloudy appearance mimic that of the Crisp Apple Ale from Angry Orchard.

The flagship apple cider from Bold Rock was released in 2012 and uses fresh Blue Ridge Mountain apples from the Eastern United States. With many awards on its shelf, it is one of the premier ciders available.

Today you can find flavors of Bold Rock cider in pineapple, watermelon, and Honeycrisp apple flavors.

Samuel Smith’s

The oldest cider on our list comes from Samuel Smith’s Olde Brewery in the United Kingdom. Samuel Smith’s started as a pub in 1758 in North Yorkshire, England, and it is one of the oldest pubs and beer brewers left in the entire world.

The traditional, organic cider from Samuel Smith’s features a floral finish to their drink. This will make a great alternative to those who enjoy the Rose Cider from Angry Orchard in particular. The drink has a drier finish than Angry Orchard though, and uses only organically grown apples.

Those with certain dietary restrictions may also find this cider to be a great way to enjoy an alcoholic beverage. The cider is gluten free and certified as suitable for vegans and vegetarians by The Vegan Society.

Blake’s Hard Cider

For more than 70 years, a farm in the rich Michigan hills has been growing and fermenting its own apples on site. One of the few remaining large cider producers in America to do so, Blake’s Hard Cider is a proud family business, spanning generations.

Using fresh, midwestern apples with a twist, Blake’s Hard Cider Company has non-traditional options that compare to the Angry Orchard Hard Fruit Ciders.

Blake’s Triple Jam Cider, made with strawberry, blackberry, and raspberries, gives a fruity vibe from start to finish. Blake’s Hard Cider also has a pear cider that hides hints of elderflower for a sweet, sharp ending. It’s a great alternative to Angry Orchard Pear.

Redd’s Apple Ale

No Angry Orchard alternative list would be complete without the tried and true Redd’s Apple Ale. A subsidiary of the Coors Brewing Company out of Golden, Colorado, Redd’s Apple Ale has been the cider line from this company since 2005.

While Redd’s has the least amount of variety within their cider line, they are the closest tasting cider when compared directly to Angry Orchard. Redd’s is also Angry Orchard’s biggest competitor as of 2021.

With four varieties of cider including apple, peach, strawberry, and black cherry, there is something for every taste in their lineup. Their ciders, however, are not gluten free and those with gluten allergies and sensitivities should steer clear from this drink.

Stella Artois Cidre

First brewed in 1926 in Leuven, Belgium, you may think of the light, pale beer that Stella Artois is known for. However, in 2011 the company released the first European-style Cidre made with a soft sweetness like the Angry Orchard Apple Cider.

The cider from Stella Artois has a lighter flavor than some of the other ciders on this list, which makes it perfect for a summer drink. Currently, Stella Artois only features this one cider on their list of products.

This cider is gluten free and is safe for those with gluten allergies and sensitivities to enjoy year-round!

Atlanta Hard Cider Company

The only craft cider brewer on our list, the Atlanta Hard Cider company is a relatively newer brand on the market. Those with dietary restrictions will be happy to know that the hard cider line from the Atlanta Hard Cider Company has a complete line of products for them.

The owners of the Atlanta Hard Cider Company decided to create a line of products geared to those with gluten restrictions. Because most hard cider is made with gluten, many of the products that were available at the time we not suitable for all to drink.

The Atlanta Hard Cider Company opened its cidery in 2020 and has seen much success since. The first product released, Crisp Apple Cider, is considered as good as those from Angry Orchard. This is surprising to some because of the company’s younger age.

And once again, every product from the Atlanta Hard Cider Company is gluten free, vegan certified, and safe for those with other dietary restrictions to consume.

Crispin Hard Cider

If you’re looking to enjoy a cider that isn’t made with apples, the Pacific Pear from Crispin Hard Cider is a great alternative. Like that of the Angry Orchard Pear, the pear cider from Crispin is made with fresh, northwestern pears from Washington State.

Another subsidiary of the Coors Brewing Company, Crispin Hard Cider has been brewing since 2010. While their flagship apple cider put the company on the market, their most popular drink by far is their Pear Cider.

If you like the pear cider from Angry Orchard, give the Crispin Hard Cider Pacific Pear a try. Like Angry Orchard, it is full-bodied but soft and has a very rich pear flavor. This is a perfect drink for the summertime!

Eve’s Cidery

Last on our list is a sparkling cider from Eve’s Cidery in Van Etten, New York. The cider varieties from Eve’s Cidery are the fanciest on this list too. Made with a double fermentation process, by hand, ciders from Eve’s are truly artisanal.

While these ciders have a stronger ABV than most, they also taste of quality as well. The Cidery itself holds tasting events akin to wineries and also ships worldwide. If you’re looking for a quality, top-shelf, alternative to Angry Orchard, try Eve’s Cidery.