7 New Beers to Try If You Like Coors Light

If you are looking to branch out in your light beer selection and your current go-to is Coors Light, then this post is for you. Let’s explore some options together!

Whether because you are trying to set a new vibe in your gathering spaces or because supply issues can cause empty shelves where your Coors Light used to be, it’s always good to have a few beers in back up just in case.

As we explore the beers, we will also look at how many calories these light beers will have and their alcoholic percentage. Coors Light, for example has 102 calories per can and 4.2% alcohol by volume.

1. Bud Light

Budweiser, manufactured by Anheuser-Busch proclaims itself as the “King of Beers” and owns no less than three different brews on this list. The most famous, though, is Bud Light.

It pours out amber light with a typically short head. The flavor is lightly hoppy with a short grainy aftertaste. It is definitely recommended that Bud Light is served and consumed at icy temperatures to preserve the intended flavor.

Each can has 110 calories (just 8 calories over a can of Coors Light) and measures out 4.2% alcohol volume.

2. Keystone Light

If you were alive and watching TV commercials in the 80’s you will remember that Keystone Light advertised itself as bottled beer flavor in a can. It explained it would not cause its consumers to contort their faces for drinking skunky beer.

Decades later, it is still a beer whose flavor does not present much of a profile but is something that can be consumed warm without regret. It has a little bit of a sugar profile, but, again, not much to write home about.

It weighs out at one calorie less than Coors Light at 101 and its alcohol volume is 4.1%.

3. Miller Light

Like Iron Man to Captain America, football to baseball, and hotdogs to pizza; there are some rivalries that combine like-minded people and products. Take caution when offering a Miller Light to a Coors fan and vice versa, because you may be in for a strong opinion.

Miller makes the claim to be America’s original light beer and has everything from television pundits to the Ghostbusters talking about “Miller Time.”

Because of its high sugar content, the head will be virtually non-existent and the aftertaste will be sweet with very little presence of hops.

Miller takes the “light” part of the label very seriously, weighing in at 96 calories per can. It has the same standard of alcohol as Coors with 4.2%.

4. Amstel Light

Amstel Light is a good option to pursue if you are trying to look worldly. It is a good beer to serve at a party when it is time for your guests to slow down.

It is not a bad beer, but it definitely rounds out this list as the lowest quality. It has a grainy finish with light hops. The flavor is often medium bitter and so should be consumed ice-cold so as not to leave a skunky aftertaste.

If you are hosting on a budget and do not want to communicate abject hatred to your guests, this is definitely the beer you want to serve to round out the evening.

It is definitely much nicer on the diet than Coors with 95 calories per can and 3.5% alcohol.

5. Yuengling Light

On the opposite side of the spectrum from Amstel is Yuengling Light which actually rates on connoisseur sites as not that bad. Don’t get that confused. Craft beer enthusiasts will never give a high rating to a beer that is nationally distributed.

The body comes across as light and dry. The malt has a caramel flavor (one of the few on this list to have a remarkable malt flavor). It can also be consumed warm without too much trepidation.

It only holds 99 calories in a can and holds 4.3% alcohol.

6. Busch Light

If you are bringing in the cans, Busch Light has decided to differentiate itself among light beers with a tall and skinny can. Much light Virginia Slims to cigarettes, there is the same content in a skinnier and taller container.

The head is mostly nonexistent for a persistent drink of this one. It has a citrusy flavor with the hops and a bitter aftertaste if consumed warm.

Although the can has not really played a big role in the review of the previous brews, it does play a role in sharing beer with friends. Often, people concerned with their appearance will balk at so delicate a vessel for a light beer.

It packs in 95 calories with 4.2% of its volume as alcohol.

7. Beck’s Premiere Light

By far the lightest calorie can on this list, Beck’s also brings the lowest alcoholic content. Beck’s Premiere Light is a great beer to serve to someone who has a low tolerance for alcohol or wants to enjoy beer without having beer feelings.

Beck’s foams better than any other beer on this list and still hits as filling, meaning that most of its consumers will not attempt to make up for lack of calorie or alcohol by means of drinking more.

Its flavor is best presented cold as you consume its 64 calories and 2.4% alcoholic volume.

What Are the Worst Light Beers?

Of course, one of the things that also ought to be mentioned is that some light beers are off the table entirely. These deserve their own dishonorable mention—just so you know to avoid them!

Natural Light and Milwaukee’s Best

Known respectively as “Natty Light” and “The Beast,” these two abysmal brews are popular on college campuses because of their price points. Both beers are abominable in taste and regularly compete for the spot for worst beer on craft beer review sites.

Budweiser Select, Bud Light Lime & Bud Light Select

Each of these beers attempted to replicate the “lightning in a bottle” phenomenon that was the success of Bud Light. Select reviews with “vegetable and movie popcorn butter” notes. Bud Light Lime reviews with phrases such as “like rotting a lime and then fermenting it” and Bud Light Select weighs in at 139 calories (just 6 shy of a regular Budweiser).