Like Fat Tire? You Will Love These 10 Alternatives

Fat Tire is a well-loved amber ale heralding from the New Belgian Brewing Company in Colorado. The 5.2% ABV ale’s herbal aromas and toasty, biscuit-like malts are a product of Pale, C-80, Munich, and Victory malts alongside Willamette, Goldings, and Nugget hops.

But sometimes you can have too much of a good thing—so I’ve taken inspiration from these ingredients and flavors to create a rundown of the top 10 beers you have to try if Fat Tire is on your list of favorites. I’ve included a few red ales, amber ales, and amber lagers so you can sip to your heart’s content.

Fat Tire Belgian White Ale

From the same iconic brewery as Fat Tire amber ale comes Fat Tire Belgian White, which was added to New Belgium’s impressive portfolio in 2017. This light-bodied, unfiltered wheat ale has the same 5.2% ABV as its famous cousin, but in a sweeter and fruitier pour.

Although distinct from the Fat Tire we know and love, the Seville orange peel and ground coriander of Fat Tire Belgian White make for an ale with just as much potential to make it big.

2ᵒ Below

We’re always on the lookout for a good winter-warmer and 2ᵒ Below is just that: a floral, spicy ale curated with tawny-roasted malts of Munich, Caramel and C-80.

Another offering from the New Belgian brewery, 2ᵒ Below offers a surprisingly full-bodied mouthfeel with a gorgeous copper color, bright hoppy aromas, and a pleasant cherry afterglow.

The overlapping malt profiles with Fat Tire make this a great alternative, and very festive ale. As it’s often only released seasonally—make sure you get your orders in when you can!

Gaelic Ale

Gaelic Ale was dreamt up at Highland Brewing in Asheville, North Carolina and has reigned supreme as the Western North Carolina’s Best All-Round Beer since 2015. It’s easy to see why, with a deep amber pour and a rich malty body.

Willamette (as seen in Fat Tire) and Cascade hops create a complex aroma with a delicate bitterness.

Gaelic Ale was named as such to honor the Scottish and Irish people who settled in North Carolina. Although the dark amber color is similar to a traditional Scottish Ale, the flavors are closer to an American Amber.

Vertical Drop

If you’re on the hunt for a malt-led beer then get your hands on some Vertical Drop from Kannah Creek Brewery in Grand Junction, Colorado.

This winter seasonal robust red ale is available from November to January, so it can be tricky to find unless you’re more local. The dark, reddish-brown coloring sets the stage for its aromas of toffee and earthy caramel with a light, hoppy backdrop.

Palm Amber

Belgium is world famous for producing some of the best beers around. On the list of top Belgian exports is Palm Amber, a Belgian ale from the Brouwerij Palm brewery in Belgium.

It’s no secret that the makers of Fat Tire are fans of Belgian beer, and maybe they got some of their inspiration from the toasted malt flavors of Palm Amber.

This ale also boasts aromas of butterscotch, allspice and even cloves which combine into a beautiful golden amber pour.

Bell’s Amber Ale

Bell’s Brewery, Inc. have more than earned their position as one of California’s brewing heavyweights, an accolade they credit to the success of their ever-popular Amber Ale.

Although I’m sure you’ve come across this ale before, it deserves to be on this list. It features the similarly delicious, toasted notes and maltiness as Fat Tire, but is sauced up with a caramel sweetness.

Blue Point Toasted Lager

Blue Point Brewing Co. has become a powerhouse of beer from their native New York to the rest of the world and it all started with their Toasted Lager in 1998. This lager gets its name from the open flame kettle it was first brewed in and delivers a balanced malty flavor with notes of toast, honey, and caramel against a spicy and hoppy aroma.

Unlike other beers on this list, Blue Point Toasted Lager makes a great cold accompaniment to a day at the beach or a sunny BBQ.

Flavors aside, this lager is easier to find in stores than Fat Tire so is an ideal swap if you’re in a hurry to get to the party.

Tröegs Brewery Red Ale

Tröegs Brewery is an independent brewery that’s been based in Central Pennsylvania since 1997. Founded by brothers Chris and John, Tröegs Brewery has a portfolio full of well-loved crowd-pleasers, as well as hundreds of more experimental Scratch Beers.

Their Red Ale is scratch beer #442 and delivers sweet, punchy, and malty flavors. This maltiness is achieved by a complicated and thoroughly unique blend of Munich, pale, and caramel malts teamed up with subtle roasted barley aromas.

Alaskan Amber Alt-Style Beer

The word alt is derived from the German word for old and describes the aging process behind a nice slow fermentation process, culminating in this Alaskan Amber beer.

The flavors are rich and malty but expertly balanced with European and Pacific Northwestern hop varieties to give a smooth, amber-colored alt-style amber beer.

This beer is so good, that when it was first released to the market it won ‘Best Beer in the Nation’ in the Great American Beer Festival of 1988.

Marble Red Ale

It’s only right to finish this list with another Red Ale—and Marble Red Ale means we’re going out with a bang. This ale is packed with hops from the Pacific Northwest to produce a refreshing citrusy taste that’s perfectly balanced with lightly toasted 2-Row, Vienna, C-75 and C-120 malts.

Although this many hops and malts could produce a very heavy ale; Marble Red Ale is surprisingly bright and mellow, with that warming toasty quality Fat Tire is known for.

When looking for a beer like Fat Tire, remember to look for citrusy and herbal aromas with a malty kick to get that amber ale quality that’s sure to put a smile on your face.