Beer Like Shock Top: 10 Alternatives for Wheat Beer Fans

Do you love to drink Shock Top beer, but aren't always able to find it in stores or restaurants? Let's face it, we all have our favorites when it comes to what we like to drink. Whether you're looking for an alternative when your trusty favorite brand isn't available, or you're looking to discover something new, this list will help you explore various beers that are comparable to Shock Top.

Shock Top is a Belgian-style wheat beer. These beers (also referred to as witbiers) are all brewed with a few common ingredients, such as unmalted wheat and malted barley. They also contain various spices, like coriander and orange, which give them their signature taste.

Belgian-style wheat beers are pale to bright yellow in coloring, and they're also often cloudy or hazy in appearance due to being unfiltered with high yeast content. They have a mild bitterness to their taste which lends to easy drinkability—and the fact that most wheat beers have an ABV of around 5% means that you can enjoy them safely and responsibly too!

Allagash White

Brewed by the Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, Maine, Allagash White has been a favorite choice amongst beer drinkers since it started in 1995.

Boasting an ABV of 5.0%, this flagship Belgian-inspired wheat beer is brewed with coriander, Curacao orange peel, and other signature spices to create a refreshing, easy-to-drink brew that is best accompanied by a slice of orange.

Allagash White is the brewery's most well-known beer, and it's quite easy to find both in supermarkets and restaurants across the nation. It pairs well with pub food like hearty sandwiches as well as grilled meats and cheeses.

Avery White Rascal

Brewed by the Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado, this Belgian-style wheat beer was the silver medal winner in the witbier category at the World Beer Cup, as well as at the 2012 and 2015 Great American Beer Festival.

With an ABV of 5.6%, its signature blend of coriander and Curacao orange peel paired with hints of banana give this unfiltered brew its distinctive fruity flavor.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon is currently the number one craft beer in the United States. This incredibly popular unfiltered Belgian-style wheat beer is brewed by Coors in Denver, Colorado, and has an ABV of 5.4%.

Along with Shock Top, this is probably the most common beer that causes people to fall in love with wheat beers. It has a delightfully crisp, somewhat fruity taste that makes it easy to sip upon, and is commonly garnished with an orange peel.

Dogfish Head Namaste

Brewed by Dogfish Head Brewery, which has its headquarters in Milton, Deleware, this beer actually came about at the suggestion of the founder's wife, who requested a Belgian-style wheat beer brewed with lemongrass at the dinner table one night.

As she was an avid practitioner of yoga, she also requested that the beer be named Namaste. With an ABV of 5%, it's a slightly sweet brew that goes down easy, though it can be somewhat difficult to find in certain areas of the country.

Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale

This urban wheat ale is brewed in Chicago, with an ABV of 4.2%, which makes it incredibly drinkable. 312 Urban Wheat Ale is a good choice for people who know they enjoy Belgian-style wheat beers but are looking for something just a little different.

The taste here is more akin to lemon than the traditional orange, with a slight haze and creamy finish. It is also pretty easy to find, both in grocery stores and restaurants.

Hitachino Nest White Ale

While you might not think of Japan as being a place for brewing Belgian-style wheat beers, Hitachino Nest Ale has developed quite a name for itself in the craft beer circle. Brewed by Kiuchi Brewery in Naka, Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan, it has an ABV of 5% and is considered one of the more intensely flavored beers in this category.

Alongside the normal hints of coriander and citrus, there is a detectable nutmeg flavor that provides a distinct and delightful flavor.  Hitachino Nest White Ale nicely complements spicy foods as well as fish dishes like sashimi and sushi.

Hoegaarden Witbier Blanche

Brewed by Hoegaarden Brewery in Hoegaarden, Belgium, this Belgian wheat beer won a silver medal in the 2012 World Beer Cup.

It has an ABV of 4.9%, and a slightly cloudy, pale color. Commonly garnished with a fresh lemon slice, its unique combination of coriander, orange peel, and pepper is a perfect palate pleaser that nicely balances sweet and sour tastes.

Hoegaarden Witbier Blanche goes well with delicate, light dishes, like seasonal salads and seafood.

Ommegang Witte

Made in Cooperstown, New York with an ABV of 5.2%, this is one of Ommegang Brewery's most popular brews.

Brewed with coriander, sweet orange, and hints of clove, its refreshing taste pairs nicely with spicy foods, as well as light, crisp dishes like salads or fruit plates.

St. Bernadus Wit

Brewed in Watou, Belgium, this unfiltered Belgian wheat beer has an ABV of 5.5%. It has a distinctive hazy, pale yellow color and a slightly acidic yet sweet taste. While this beer is brewed with the usual blend of coriander and citrus, it also carries distinctive notes of anise and cloves, which makes it a wonderful accompaniment to creamy pasta dishes.

People who love Belgian-syle wheat beers often make the statement that St. Bernadus Wit is the beer by which they measure all of the others. It can be a little difficult to find in traditional grocery stores, but most craft beer stores will carry it.


This witbier is brewed in De Brabandere in Bavikhove, Belgium, and has an ABV of 5%. It is a pleasant pale gold color, though the flavor is a little more bitter and herbal than some of the other brews on this list.

Nicknamed sunshine in a can, it is incredibly light and refreshing, which makes it a good choice for those who want something that's a little more interesting to sip on.