Like Stella Artois? Here Are 10 Other Beers You Should Try

Even your favorite beer can get boring to you after a while. Luckily for fans of Stella Artois, there are several similar tasting brews on the market worth trying. That way, you can get a drink you know you’ll like while still keeping things fresh.

Here are 10 excellent beers that taste similar to Stella Artois.

Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell holds a claim to fame among beers: it was the first-ever pale ale!

It has a light, crisp taste that’s pretty close to Stella Artois. However, Pilsner Urquell is a little hoppier and has hints of caramel.

Hailing from the Czech Republic, Pilsner Urquell is also a prestigious beverage. It regularly features on lists of best beers from Europe.

The only downside is that it’s not super common in the States. So you may need to go online or check specialty liquor stores.


Heineken is a pricey drink that’s well worth the cost. Known for its iconic green bottle and red star label, this beer has a distinct golden color to it.

Like Stella Artois, Heineken perfectly embodies how a pilsner should taste. It’s hoppy, bitter, and pleasantly crisp. Though, many who try it find it stronger in flavor than other pale lagers.

Both beers also possess that distinctive skunky flavor that pale lagers are famous for. So if you like that quality, try Heineken.

Spaten Premium Lager

Spaten is a delicious pale lager brewed in Germany.

This bottom-brewed beer has a maltier taste than Stella Artois. But it’s still got that classic dry pilsner finish and crispness you’re likely looking for.

It’s also got a distinct sweetness to it that’s stronger than most pale lagers. So if you find other pilsners a touch too bitter, try Spaten.

You can find it available in most specialty drink stores and served at German restaurants.

Maes Pils

Just like Stella Artois, Maes Pils is a Belgian pilsner. It’s got that classic golden color and full-bodied taste that’s expected from pale lagers.

It’s also considered somewhat of a bottom-shelf beer. While you’ll enjoy it if you like pilsners, Maes Pils isn’t as distinct as our other entries. The only significant difference with Stella is that Maes tastes more skunky.

Still, it makes a great beer to stock up on for parties, thanks to being affordable. Plus, the inoffensive taste helps give it universal appeal.


Jupiler, brewed by Anheuser–Busch InBev, is a solid Belgian pils (pilsner). It’s wildly popular in Central Europe and recognizable by the black bull on its red label.

The flavor has an excellent balance of bitterness and sweetness. When drinking Jupiler, you’ll taste hops, malt, grain, and even hints of fruit. In many ways, it’s like a more complex Stella Artois.

Its 5.5% alcohol content is a tad higher than Stella’s 5%. So you also get more bang for your buck if it’s that kind of night.

Another great thing about this beer is that an alcohol-free version is widely available too. That way, a friend who doesn’t normally drink can still be a part of the festivities.

Baltika No. 7

While Russia is most famous for its Vodka, Baltika No. 7 is proof they can also make a mean lager. Baltika No. 7 is brewed in St. Petersburg and is the country’s most exported beer.

This pale lager shares the light hoppy crispness and skunky aftertaste of Stella Artois. However, it’s also got a unique doughy flavor you don’t get from many beers.

While it’s a bit of an acquired taste, Baltika No. 7 is refreshing and complex. It can be hard to find, but it’s also a lager that you won’t forget.

And if you want a more potent drink, you’re in luck—Baltika No. 9 is a similar tasting beer with an alcohol content of 8%.

Corona Extra

You may be surprised to see this Mexican cerveza on our list. But if you try both Corona and Stella Artois, you’ll find they taste remarkably similar.

Corona’s refreshing citrus flavor is the key difference between these pale lagers. It’s also customary to drink Corona with a slice of lemon to accentuate its characteristics.

Corona’s alcohol content is 4.5%, a bit less than the 5% of Stella. This makes it perfect for complementing salty and savory meals. You won’t get drunk too fast attempting to satisfy your thirst.

Leffe Blonde

Look no further than Leffe Blonde if you want a full-bodied, no-nonsense beer similar to Stella.

This abbey beer packs the biggest punch out of our entire list with a 6.6% alcohol content. But you might have a hard time believing that if you tried it. Mainly because Leffe Blonde has a surprisingly smooth and refreshing flavor to it.

Leffe Blonde also has a lovely malty aroma and a slight vanilla aftertaste. Many describe it as a floral and almost spicy beer.


Hoegaarden is a unique and fantastic wheat beer from a town in Belgium with the same name.

It is spiced with orange peel and coriander, giving a bitter bite to every sip. But, it still has the skunky aroma and light taste that Stella Artois fans enjoy.

This beer is also unfiltered. Meaning that it’s much more cloudy in appearance than the other entries on this list. However, many believe the murky sediments in the beer enhance the flavor.

Hoegaarden is often called a “white” beer due to its noticeably light appearance. It might also be the spiciest beverage on our list.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon is a Belgian-style witbier brewed initially in Colorado. Their “Belgian White” beer earned its moniker from its light, almost white, color.

The flavor profile of Blue Moon is very close to Stella. However, Blue Moon is wheaty while Stella is more Hoppy. Blue Moon also has a pleasant citrus flavor, and most bars serve the beer with an orange slice.

You can find this pale ale virtually everywhere in the U.S. It makes an excellent Stella substitute if you want a more fruity drink.

Plus, there are several seasonal varieties of Blue Moon you can experiment with.