10 Delicious Craft Beers for the Perfect Beermosa

Ah, the beermosa! A wonderfully tasty concoction combining two of life's greatest pleasures: beer and orange juice.

It's the perfect summery treat for any occasion, from barbecues to special celebrations. But which beer is the best for topping off your beermosa?

Well, there are actually several beers that can work amazingly well in a beermosa, and the best one for you will depend on your taste in beer. So, if you're looking to enjoy a beermosa on your next sunny day, read on to find out more.

1. Hefeweizen

Hefeweizen is an outstanding option for a beermosa because it has a bright, crisp flavor and a curious wheat-based aroma that pairs well with the fruity sweetness of orange juice. The 5-6% ABV of most hefeweizens is also ideal for the beermosa, as it balances out the sweet flavor of the orange juice and isn’t too boisterous or overbearing.

Because of its light carbonation, hefeweizen helps to create a cooling and smooth experience, making it an ideal partner for the popular beermosa. Additionally, its golden hue adds a cheerful note to any gathering or celebration.

2. Lager

Lager is a superb option for a beermosa because it's crisp and refreshing, giving a nice balance to the sweetness of the orange juice that makes up the bulk of the cocktail. With its lower alcohol content, it's also just light enough for day-drinking, so you can enjoy your beermosa even in the afternoon.

A lager also provides a smooth and slightly sweet finish to the beermosa, which is especially enjoyable if you opt for a more bitter type of orange juice like Ruby Red or Valencia. Additionally, the lower carbonation in lagers can make for a smoother and more comfortable drinking experience.

3. Pale Ale

Pale Ale is an outstanding choice for a beermosa because it is a light and refreshing beer that pairs well with fruit juices. The maltiness of the beer complements the sweetness and tartness of the juice, creating an alluring combination of flavors.

Pale Ale also has a lower alcohol content than other types of beer, which makes it an ideal choice for a beermosa if you don't want a too-strong alcoholic drink. It also has a slightly hoppy flavor that gives the beermosa a curious taste. In addition to its flavor, Pale Ale is also an affordable option and is widely available, making it an ideal choice for a beermosa.

4. Amber Ale

Amber Ale is an exceptional beer for beermosa recipes because of its flavor profile. Amber ales usually have a slightly sweet and malty flavor, with just enough bitterness and hop character to balance it out.

The maltiness and sweetness of the beer pairs well with the fruity notes of orange juice, while the hop character and bitterness helps cut through the sweetness of the juice. Additionally, Amber Ale has more body than a lager, so it will provide an enjoyable and full-bodied beermosa that won't be too light or fizzy. Amber Ales also tend to be of a moderate to higher ABV, making them a great choice for an alcoholic beverage that isn't too strong or too weak.

5. Wheat Beer

Wheat beer is an exquisite option for beermosa because it is light and refreshing, making it a superb choice for summertime drinks. Wheat beers provide a subtle sweetness that compliments the citrus flavors of the orange juice, and their effervescent bubbles help create a fizzy, sparkling foam on top.

This bubbly texture helps cut through the sweetness and balance out the flavors, creating a delicious and refreshing drink. The light, slightly creamy flavors of the wheat beer also pair very nicely with orange juice and add a subtle complexity to the overall flavor of the beermosa.

6. Fruit Beer

Fruit beer is an ideal beer for a beermosa because its fruity flavor enhances the taste of the cocktail. The tartness of fruit beer combines well with the subtle sweetness of orange juice, creating a curious, refreshing taste.

The addition of fruit beer to a beermosa also helps to lighten the drink, making it an ideal choice for daytime sipping. Additionally, the lighter flavor and body of fruit beer makes it a more suitable option than other styles of beer which may be too heavy or overpowering for the flavor of the beermosa.

7. Belgian-Style Blonde Ale

The list wouldn't be complete without Belgian-Style Blonde Ale. Belgian-style blonde ale is a magnificent choice for a beermosa, due to its subtly sweet, and slightly fruity flavor profile. The subtlety of the Belgian ale helps to balance out the sharp flavors of OJ, creating a perfectly balanced and delicious beermosa.

Additionally, the light golden color of the Belgian ale, and its slightly higher alcohol content make it an ideal choice for the beermosa cocktail. A Belgian-style beermosa is also more approachable for those who may not usually enjoy beer; the combination of ale and orange juice softens the bitterness of both flavors, making it a superb introduction to beer-based cocktails.

8. IPA

IPA, or India pale ale, is an outstanding option for making a beermosa because it has a strong, hoppy taste that can be a great complement to the sweet and tart flavors of a traditional mimosa. The hop bitterness of an IPA provides a flavor contrast to the fruit juice that helps to balance out the sweetness of the drink.

The carbonation of an IPA also gives your beermosa a one-of-a-kind mouthfeel and an extra bit of fizz. I also think IPA is a fairly common type of beer so it can be easily found in most grocery stores, making it a convenient and budget-friendly option for crafting a beer-based mimosa.

9. Barrel-Aged Beer

Barrel-Aged Beer is an exquisite option for beermosa because of its complex flavor profile. Barrel-aged beer has been aged in wooden barrels, allowing the beer to absorb some of the flavor and aroma characteristics of the barrel itself.

This gives the beer a curious and unique depth of flavor, often with notable hints of oak, vanilla, aw, or other nuanced flavors that make it an exceptional choice for the beermosa. It also provides a good balance to the citrus flavors of orange juice, creating a thirst-quenching and flavorful finish to the drink. Barrel-aged beer is also often stronger in alcohol than most other types of beer, helping to bring out the flavor of the orange juice and the sweetness of the beer.

10. Berliner Weiss

To round out the list: Berliner Weiss. Berliner Weiss is a superb choice for a beermosa because it is a light, crisp, and slightly tart beer that can perfectly balance out the sweetness of the orange juice in the drink. The sourness of the Berliner Weiss pairs perfectly with the bright sweetness of the orange juice, creating a tart and refreshing combination that is both flavorful and enjoyable.

Additionally, this style of beer also has a low alcohol content, which makes it an excellent choice for a beermosa as it won't overwhelm the other flavors. Furthermore, its light, wheat-forward flavor profile is neutral enough to not overpower the other ingredients in the drink, but still noteworthy enough to contribute to the overall flavor of the beermosa.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Beermosas, there's no doubt that the possibilities are endless! From crisp and refreshing to sweet and fruity, there’s an option for every taste. Whether you’re trying to recreate an original, or just looking for a twist on the traditional, there’s a beer that can help you achieve your beer-inspired dreams. No matter what your preference is, the best beer for a Beermosa is the one that makes your taste buds say "Ahhh!"