7 Jack Daniel's Fire Cocktails That Bring the Heat

Jack Daniel’s Fire is a special blend of Jack Daniel’s whiskey emboldened by red hot cinnamon liqueur. This liquor is perfect for mixing up special holiday cocktails or just trying out a new mixture with a real kick in the pants! I’ve provided a list below of fantastic cocktails to try with Jack Daniel’s Fire. Enjoy!

Fiery Hot Chocolate

If you’re in the mood to warm up, this Fiery Hot Chocolate cocktail brings the heat, not just with the temperature of the drink but with the flair of cinnamon in the whiskey.

The perfect mixture of hot chocolate, horchata liqueur, and Jack Daniel’s Fire will keep you warm all the way down to your toes.

Top off this perfect mug of a drink with homemade whipped cream finished off with cinnamon sugar and you’ll be dancing with the sugar plum fairies.

Red Hot Holiday

This recipe comes straight from the source itself at Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. Their Red Hot Holiday cocktail is the perfect concoction for any holiday party.

Containing Coca-Cola Cinnamon, Jack Daniel’s Fire, and ginger beer and topped off with a lime wedge, the Red Hot Holiday can be served on the rocks for a sizzling holiday treat.

Leave one of these on the table for Santa Claus instead of milk and you may be getting extra presents this year!

Here’s how to whip up the sensational Red Hot Holiday cocktail.

Hot Honey Badger

For refreshingly new use of your Jack Daniel’s Fire, try out the Hot Honey Badger. As we all know honey badgers don’t give a care, you should definitely try this cocktail without regret.

This drink was created by Pig Beach, a barbecue joint in Brooklyn, New York, and features their signature hot honey BBQ rub.

By mixing lemon juice, club soda, Jack Daniel’s Fire, and hot honey syrup, you get a delightful new concoction to add to your repertoire.

See the full recipe of the Hot Honey Badger, especially for instructions on how to make that mouthwatering hot honey syrup.

Jack Fire Mule

Try something different with your Jack Daniel’s Fire and channel a tropical paradise with the Jack Fire Mule.

With a mixture of ginger beer, banana syrup, lime juice, and Jack Daniel’s Fire poured on the rocks, your taste buds won’t know what hit them. The tropical fruit combined with the cinnamon and ginger kick is a fiery refresher.

This cocktail is a great signature drink for a wedding or serve it to your friends for a game night treat.

Snow Day Sangria

This cocktail is perfect for exactly what it says – a snow day. You’re stuck inside while the snowflakes fall outside; you’re not going anywhere so whip up a Snow Day Sangria.

With Jack Daniel’s Fire and a good cabernet mixed with apple juice, orange juice, and Gentleman Jack sour mix, this delightful concoction will have you wishing for snow all year round.

It has a comforting, warm taste to it with a slightly fruity finish. It’s easy to make as a pitcher so invite some friends over to snuggle up by the fire and sip on sangria as you watch the world turn white.

The Quarterback Sneak

Liven up your football party with more than just beer by adding this fun cocktail named the Quarterback Sneak. It’s simple and easy to mix up so you won’t miss any of the game.

The combination of cranberry juice, Jack Daniel’s Fire, and lemon-lime soda like Sprite or Sierra Mist makes for a tart refreshing drink with a little bit of kick at the end.

Sneak the Quarterback Sneak into everyone’s drink cozies and they’ll thank you for replacing their humdrum beer with something much more fun.

To prep for your next football party, make sure you gather enough of all the ingredients by checking out the full recipe here.

Apple Cider Whiskey

Everyone knows that apple and cinnamon are two flavors that pair together as beautifully as peanut butter and chocolate. The next time you host Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner, you’ve already got your cocktail covered.

The apple cider whiskey is a simple blend of local (or homemade) apple cider and Jack Daniel’s Fire. Serve it up in a festive punch bowl for maximum presentation points with minimum work.

Rim your glasses with a little bit of lemon juice and sugar (or cinnamon sugar) for an added treat. If you’re looking for a nonalcoholic alternative, substitute the cider for sparkling apple juice and the Jack Daniel’s Fire for cinnamon syrup.

Either way you cut it this recipe is sure to be a hit.