7 Refreshing Cocktails to Make with Mint & Vodka

Vodka and mint are both popular ingredients in the world of cocktails, but they are not often featured together. Why? I honestly don't know, because in my opinion, they work really well together. The combination is a beautifully light and refreshing experience that you don't want to miss.

Many of the recipes below also use simple syrup, lemons, limes, club soda, and other fruits—so be sure to have these things on hand if you want to make the most of these recipes. It will save you a trip to the grocery store later!

If you like the idea of combining vodka and mint, keep reading to discover 7 cocktails that use both vodka and mint to create some of the most delicious and refreshing mixed drinks.

1. Vodka Mojito

The simple vodka mojito is a great drink to kick off our vodka and mint list. Traditionally made with rum, the mojito can easily substitute vodka in place of the rum for a milder version of the tropical cocktail.

The mojito is a traditional Cuban highball cocktail. The earliest written documentation of the drink's recipe dates back to the middle of the 17th century. Made with mint, sugar cane, lime juice, club soda, and your choice of spirit. This drink is a summer staple in mixology.

The switch from using rum and vodka within this classic cocktail is an even exchange of spirits. If you are making a single serving, use one shot of vodka instead of rum and keep the remaining amounts of ingredients the same.

Do keep in mind that you may want to add a bit more simple syrup into a mojito being made with vodka. This is because rum is sweeter than vodka, so you may end up with a nice less sweet drink if you don't add in extra sugar.

2. Strawberry Mint Sparkler

This delicious and refreshing summertime drink takes the cake when it comes to vodka-based cocktails. The strawberry mint sparkler is made with vodka, fresh strawberries, fresh mint, lime juice, and club soda.

If you have all of the ingredients to make the vodka mojito then the only ingredient that you are missing is the fresh strawberries.

Like the vodka mojito, you may want to add more or reduce the amount of simple syrup being used in this drink. This is because the added strawberries can be sweet or slightly tart if you are using not well-ripened fruit.

If you find that your strawberries are not as sweet as you prefer, try adding in more of the simple syrup in the cocktail. This should combat the tartness of the strawberries.

3. Vodka Mint Lemonade

While vodka mint lemonade on the surface seems like something you could serve at a fancy outdoor luncheon, this drink is a simpleton in disguise.

While the original recipe calls for making your own lemonade (or limeade) concoction, you can recreate the same thing by using premixed lemon or limeade. Simply take premixed lemonade, add vodka, and garnish with fresh lemon slices. That's it!

This easy-to-make cocktail is a hit when paired with a nice al fresco lunch with lighter fare. The drink is not strong, so it's enjoyed by both cocktail connoisseurs and novices alike. Also, by varying the ratio of vodka to lemonade, you can control exactly the amount of alcohol that you want in your drink.

4. Spa Day

The Spa Day can be found in the Moody Mixologist's Essential 3-Ingredient Cocktail Recipes book. It uses vodka, and equal parts of lemon juice, and mint simple syrup. Using a mint simple syrup cuts down on the number of different ingredients you need and the mint simple syrup can be made easily at home.

However, if you have mint leaves lying around from your last mojito or julep, feel free to use plain simple syrup with muddled mint leaves to create the same effect from the mint-infused simple syrup.

This cocktail is a newer concoction compared to other classic cocktails on this list, but the simplicity and availability of ingredients make it a worthy recipe for any home bar.

5. Mint Cooler

The mint cooler is another variation, similar to both the vodka mojito and the spa day cocktail. This one, however, specifically uses Grey Goose vodka and both fresh lemon and fresh mint.

The mint cooler is the perfect summer day drink. The combination of lemons and mint, along with a lot of ice makes this drink a great choice on hot days. Enjoy this cocktail during brunch or lunch, entertaining, or by itself.

Using top-shelf Grey Goose, instead of a cheaper alternative, it really what sets this drink apart from its competition. You can really taste the flavor difference between Grey Goose and other cheaper vodka brands. While you can create this recipe using any brand of vodka, do yourself a favor and reach higher on the shelf when choosing a spirit for this recipe.

6. Raspberry Mint Vodka Spritzer

This is another great cocktail for those hot summer days and nights. The bubbly texture and sweetened raspberries make this drink truly special.

A spritzer is a cocktail that is traditionally made with either sparkling wine like champagne or sparkling mineral water. This recipe calls for mineral water. Muddle the raspberry and mint together for this drink and be sure to choose raspberries that are very ripe. Raspberries are a summer fruit, so choose your fruit that will be the ripest according to your location.

Serve this cocktail chilled in a champagne flute. The recipe also calls for using Grainger's Deluxe Organic Vodka. While you can use any vodka, the writer does note that by using this specific vodka, you can ensure that your cocktail is gluten-free if that is a concern for you.

7. Cucumber Mint Vodka Cocktail

This recipe doesn't have a name other than the list of ingredients. However, it's a great cocktail that doesn't use the traditional fruits of berries or citrus to pack a punch.

Instead, it simply uses cucumber, mint, and vodka, along with club soda to create a delicious, refreshing concoction.

It's a lot more subtle in flavor than a lot of the cocktails I make, which makes it a good option for when you want a drink that won't overpower your food. This is a great summer or autumn drink that pairs excellently with light dinners or appetizers.