7 Fabulous Noilly Prat Cocktails Everyone Will Love

Noilly Prat is popular French vermouth that has a dry white wine crispness with the added flavor of various spices and herbs. It can be challenging to think of ways to use up that bottle collecting dust in your liquor cabinet, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Below is a list of exquisite cocktails to make with Noilly Prat.

Rouge Coffee Tonic

If you’re looking for a smooth cocktail to complement your brunch and are tired of the same old mimosa, look no further. The Rouge Coffee Tonic is your answer.

This cocktail was created by the Noilly Prat brand for the particular use of their Noilly Prat Rouge vermouth. It’s mixed with tonic water and coffee liqueur and garnished with an orange slice.

Impress your brunch buddies with this new Sunday morning cocktail and everyone will be begging you for more.

Check out the full recipe on Noilly Prat’s website.

A Thousand Blue Eyes

Listen up all you fellows out there – this one’s a hit with the ladies. This cocktail is the perfect one to mix up for your girl or to host a ladies’ night.

Invented by a bartender from New Orleans, A Thousand Blue Eyes is made by combining gin, lemon juice, bitters, orange flower water, simple syrup, and Noilly Prat.

Serve it on the rocks with a lemon peel twist as garnish. For another variation of this cocktail, you can substitute rose water for the orange flower water.

Check out the recipe for A Thousand Blue Eyes.

Cap Noilly

Perhaps you want to keep it simple and enjoy the taste of the Noilly Prat but enhance its flavors. In that case, Cap Noilly is right for you.

This simple cocktail is a derivation of the Brazilian drink known as caipirinha which is made with lime juice, sugar, and cachaca. The Cap Noilly combines Noilly Prat with sugar and is served over the rocks and whole white grapes.

For an even more exotic twist to the cocktail, pop your grapes in the freezer so they become your ice cubes as well!

Try out the Cap Noilly by following the recipe.

The Lady Chesdin

This cocktail was born in Virginia on a hot summer day and reputedly named after a rather intriguing girl the creator met on a golf course.

It is quite an involved drink but absolutely worth the time and effort it takes to make it. The combination of flavors from the Noilly Prat, bitters, sugar, onion, cucumber, lime, and gin is just what you need when you come off the green on a hot July day.

Add this little number to your summer concoctions and you will be a definite hit at the next pool party you host. Or try making a pitcher of the Lady Chesdin to serve to all your golf buddies at the end of a long game.

Check out the full Lady Chesdin recipe.

Royal Spritz

Get your fancy pants on and get ready to serve this dressed-up cocktail at your next black-tie affair. The Royal Spritz would also be a perfect signature wedding cocktail.

With prosecco and Noilly Prat stirred on the rocks and finished with a twist of grapefruit, this sipping drink will make you feel like you belong at the dinner table with the Queen.

A clever recipe invented by Noilly Prat, the flavors of this mixture highlight the smoothness of the vermouth and its ability to play well with others like prosecco.

Access the full recipe and make sure you’ve got the Royal Spritz on lockdown.


The Anne-Rosine cocktail is named in honor of Louis Noilly, the creator of Noilly Prat’s daughter. This fanciful drink is best served in a cocktail glass.

The combination of vodka, grenadine, grapefruit juice, and Noilly Prat make it an irresistible concoction to add to your list of girls’ night drinks.

The beautiful melding of tart grapefruit with the dry vermouth is an excellent pairing that will make your taste buds soar.

Check out the full recipe for the Anne-Rosine.

Hotel Haute-Savoie

The Hotel Haute-Savoie is based on a cocktail from the 1920s called the Lawhill. The Hotel Haute-Savoie has a slightly updated flavor but much the same ingredients.

A combination of St. Germain, absinthe, orange bitters, Noilly Prat, and rye served on the rocks will make you feel as fabulous as a flapper.

This cocktail is a favorite of many, and everyone has a different way of putting it all together. Common variations include cutting down on the absinthe and St. Germain’s.

See the full recipe for Hotel Haute-Savoie, or try the original cocktail—the Lawhill—which also features Noilly Prat.