7 WKD Cocktails to Shake Up Your Next Party

WKD is a popular brand of sparkling alcohol mixer that can be drunk as is but is more fun to make cocktails with. One of the most common flavors available is WKD Blue which has a mixed berry taste and contains 4% alcohol by volume.

In this article, I will provide you with some awesome cocktails to mix for any occasion whether it’s for a party or just a little special something for your better half. Drink and enjoy!

WKD Float

Ever since the root beer float was invented in 1893, putting ice cream in soda has become a popular tasty treat for hot summer days or fun afternoon dates. That’s why putting ice cream in WKD Blue is the perfect date night dessert!

A WKD float contains WKD Blue, a splash of vodka, and (of course) vanilla ice cream. Serve it in a tall old-fashioned glass so you feel like you’re in the soda shop.

This special concoction has a creamy, fruity flavor that would pair wonderfully with some homemade fries.

If you are all about those summertime blues (WKD blues, that is!) check out the recipe for a WKD float.

Diabetic Coma

If you are looking for a cocktail absolutely packed with sugary goodness, look no further than the diabetic coma. This concoction is perfect for parties as it should be made by the pitcherful.

By combining bottles of WKD Blue, Raspberry, and Original Smirnoff Ice along with a few shots each of Peach Schnapps and vodka, you’ve got the most refreshing highly alcoholic cocktail.

With the overdose of fruity flavors, a fun summer barbecue or pool party is the perfect place to serve this super sugary drink.

Intrigued enough to try it out? Check out the full recipe here.


A variation of the Irish Trash Can which makes a bunch of random spirits and throws in a Red Bull for good measure, the Dustbin combination of ingredients don’t sound like they would mix well.

By stirring together orange juice, vodka, WKD Blue, and Peach Schnapps and serving it in a lowball glass on the rocks, you get a creative mixture that tastes like your Screwdriver had a drink.

This cocktail is definitely for the adventurous and might be a fun one to try out for ladies’ night. Try your hand at bartending and how this new concoction treats you – you might be surprised!

If you’re up for venturing a bit outside your comfort zone, give the Dustbin a spin.

Jaki Blues

If you want a cocktail that contains a rainbow of colors, try the Jaki Blues. This fun mixture tastes like citrus and berries with just a kick of apple.

Serve it in a highball glass on the rocks, the Jaki Blues is a combination of WKD Blue, Apple Sourz, and orange juice.

Referring to the plight of the perpetual bachelor, the Jaki Blues is aptly named and may be perfect if you’re stuck drinking alone.

Chances are good you may have all the ingredients on hand so why not try it out.

Deep Blu

The Deep Blue cocktail is for the serious drinker who wants everything in the one-hit knockout of their only cocktail of the night. Designed for those who crave simplicity, Deep Blue contains a mixture of WKD Blue and Absinthe.

This beautiful blue drink is served best on the rocks in a highball glass and is perfect for the gentleman or lady who wants to sit at the bar and enjoy a good drink.

A slow sipper for sure, the combination of the fruity flavor of WKD Blue and the licorice taste absinthe creates an enticing candy shop medley.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth that you’d rather satisfy with a cocktail, check out how to make a Deep Blue here.

Crazy Frog

Talk about your summer refresher! The Crazy Frog is like a mojito’s much wilder older cousin and a super fun cocktail for ladies’ night or served at a party.

Its bright blue-green color can be attributed to the combination of WKD Blue plus blue and green Aftershock. Add some vodka into the mix and you are good to go!

This cocktail is best made by the jugful and has a fun berry citrus flavor with the refreshing hint of mint on the back end.

Try out the Crazy Frog with this recipe.

Dick Van Dyke

Whether you loved him from Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, or Diagnosis Murder, this cocktail is an homage to the great Dick Van Dyke himself.

With WKD Blue, orange reef, and apple sourz all mixed together and served in a pint glass, you can raise one up for a great actor and maybe make it a movie night featuring both the cocktail and comedian.

Mix up a Dick Van Dyke with this classic recipe.