8 Fun Yogurt-Based Cocktails to Try Out This Weekend

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for new ways to step up your cocktail game. Yogurt is a staple in most kitchens in the US because it’s so tasty, healthy and useful. Whether you have some leftover yogurt you need to use, or you feel like trying something new, then this list is for you!

Breakfast Bramble

Is the Mimosa moment finally over? From the geniuses at Craft + Cocktails, this fruity little number is a great way to kick off a day of celebration. Craft + Cocktails started out in 2014 as an online cocktail resource, filled with recipes and ideas to keep your guests guessing.

The Breakfast Bramble is one of their first yogurt-based cocktails and is made with blackberry liqueur, gin, jam, and Greek yogurt. You can get creative with the type of jam you use to add a personal touch, maybe try apricot or damson to put a smile on your face. Serve this perfect brunch cocktail in an Old Fashioned glass and garnish with fresh blackberries and lemon slices.

Cantaloupe Boozy Smoothie Shooters

We all know that smoothies are healthy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be fun. One of the great things about these Cantaloupe Boozy Smoothie Shooters is that you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen. Just blend together cantaloupe melon, lime juice, vodka, and Greek yogurt then serve in Shooter glasses with a slice of lime as a garnish.

This cocktail is tropical, fruity, and fun and makes a great party sipper for hot summer days. Because these don’t have to be served immediately they can be prepped beforehand and kept on ice or set out around a party venue for guests to enjoy over the course of the evening.

Banana Colada

If yogurt isn’t really your thing then don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. There are lots of reasons that people may not want to eat yogurt, but they shouldn’t have to miss out. I’ve included these Banana Coladas on the list so you can still serve up a creamy and tropical cocktail but without any dairy.

Blended frozen banana and pineapple is mixed with coconut milk to give that lovely rich flavor of Pina Coladas that we know and love. These cocktails look amazing served in a Highball glass and garnished with shredded coconut and a colorful stripy straw to help turn the summery vibes all the way up.

Mimosa Smoothie

We’re heading back to the brunch table with this next cocktail. If you’re wanting to elevate the traditional Mimosa, then give this Mimosa Smoothie a try. Mimosas are thought to have been around since 1925 and originate from the Paris Ritz Hotel. But then again, others believe that they were invented by Alfred Hitchcock in 1940s San Francisco.

Whatever its origin story, mimosas have become a staple of the brunch cocktail world. This updated Mimosa Smoothie only uses three ingredients: champagne, orange juice, and yogurt! Make sure all your ingredients are ice cold before you put them in the blender. The yogurt makes these much thicker than a traditional Mimosa, so serve them in a Highball glass with a straw.

Slippery When Wet

Death & Co is a powerhouse of the New York bar scene. Opened in 2007, they boast an impressive range of original cocktails including the titillating Slippery When Wet, developed by bartender Shannon Sidle.

If you’re wanting to try something a little different, then look no further than this tangy and refreshing cocktail. Ripe strawberries, honey, gin, and Greek yogurt are shaken and served over ice in a Rocks glass before being garnished with freshly cracked black pepper.

Gin, Jam and Yogurt Cocktail

The Gin, Jam and Yogurt cocktail was developed by Todd in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2014. Unlike the Breakfast Bramble I mentioned earlier; here the jam serves to add spice rather than sweetness to your drink.

Todd recommends using a chili jam along with gin, lemon juice and Greek yogurt to make this truly unique cocktail. Because you only need a teaspoon of yogurt, this cocktail could be made without the dairy but still deliver the interesting and complex flavors of chili and lemon. Not everyone likes a very sweet cocktail, and this is a great option for those of us without a sweet tooth.

Mint Lemonade Cocktail with Greek Yogurt Fizz

This treat shows off the versatility of yogurt as a cocktail ingredient. The Mint Lemonade Cocktail with Greek Yogurt Fizz was developed by Natalia Alexander in 2014 and boasts vodka, lemon juice, honey, egg whites, and Greek yogurt.

Natalia runs the website The Greek Glutton and takes recipe inspiration from her time spent living in Athens, Greece. She points out that Greek yogurt has been found to have a ton of health benefits, so maybe it can make your cocktails a little bit healthier. The jury’s out on that one, but it certainly can’t hurt!

Once you’ve got this cocktail as fluffy as possible, make sure that you serve it immediately to ensure the foam from the egg whites is as fluffy as possible.

Hazy Jane

In 2017, the eatery Tusk was named in the top 10 new restaurants in the USA. It’s easy to see why with their extensive range of in-house cocktails and if you want a taste of Portland, Oregon—then whip up a Hazy Jane cocktail.

The Hazy Jane is a twist on the classic Old Maid cocktail that compliments Tusk’s Middle Eastern cuisine. Yogurt and orgeat elevate this timeless classic and have helped the Hazy Jane become a favorite on Tusk’s cocktail menu. Orgeat is a type of syrup made with sugar, almonds and rose water and was first mentioned in 1864 in The English and Australian Cookery Book.

Ultimately, cocktails are about curiosity and experimenting and this cocktail ticks certainly all of the boxes!