7 Cocktails to Make with Yukon Jack

Yukon Jack is a popular Canadian whiskey named after the famous gold prospector and explorer Jack McQuesten. With a potently bold taste, Yukon Jack is the perfect whiskey for a variety of cocktails. Here's a helpful list below to polish off that bottle of Yukon Jack that’s been sitting in your cabinet unopened.

Northern Lights

Although many versions of this cocktail named for the famous Aurora Borealis exist, this one is my particular favorite. Why not make it authentic by using a Canadian whiskey to warm your bones on a cold snowy night?

A perfect drink to serve during cocktail hour especially for a winter get-together, the Northern Lights’ fruity sweetness mixed with the bold flavor of Yukon Jack will make you long for summer.

Mix peach schnapps, cranberry juice, orange juice, and Yukon Jack together and serve it on the rocks in a tall glass for the perfect concoction.

The Teabag

If you are looking for a sophisticated cocktail to serve to your friends perhaps for your British-themed tea party, look no further than the Teabag.

Thomas Sullivan, the inventor of the actual teabag, would be pleased to see his humble invention honored by such a smooth concoction.

With sloe gin, Yukon Jack, vodka, orange juice and lime juice all shaken together to form a delightful beverage, your tea party will be the talk of the town!

Yukon Cornelius

Picture this: you are hosting a Christmas party and want a killer holiday-themed drink to serve. The Yukon Cornelius is just the answer you’re looking for.

Named after the lovable bearded character from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, this shot is a simple mixture of Yukon Jack and Goldschlager. The smoothness of this concoction will feel you with Christmas cheer.

The dancing gold particles will have you singing “Silver and Gold” all night with your guests and your holiday bash will be a hit

Puff Adder

If you are looking for a hot drink to warm your insides on a cold night, the Puff Adder is just the ticket. This snake-inspired drink was invented by lead bartender Jason Boyd at a restaurant in West Olympia, WA.

Serve this concoction in a cocktail glass by mixing crème de cacao with Yukon Jack and topping it off with 151 proof rum.

Possibly the most fun part about this drink is literally lighting it on fire. Let that flaming cocktail heat up and meld the flavors of sweet whiskey and delicious chocolate for an unforgettable taste.

Canadian Ice

Canadian Ice is the perfect shooter if you are looking for a simple shot of whiskey with a cool refreshing pep in its step.

By mixing equal parts Yukon Jack and peppermint schnapps, the Canadian Ice shot blends the bold flavor of Canadian whiskey with a satisfying minty sweetness of the schnapps.

Serve up a round of these shooters while hosting everyone over for the big hockey game. While the players score on ice, you can score great flavor with Canadian Ice.

Three Wise Men

The Three Wise Men shooter is named after the Magi who brought Jesus gifts shortly after His birth. The original cocktail is made with Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker, and Jack Daniel.

In this Canadian variation, you can supplement the Johnnie Walker (or any of the others, really) with Yukon Jack. You’ll still have three gentlemen in representation.

Another twist on this popular shot is Three Wise Men Chasing a Wild Turkey, in which you add Wild Turkey bourbon to the triple whiskey mixture.

Here are the three kingly recipes:

Agent Orange

This hefty concoction is not for the faint of heart. Grab a pitcher to make this one and a friend who is feeling adventurous because the Agent Orange is packed with seven alcohols.

Agent Orange includes a mixture of rum, Southern Comfort, apple schnapps, Yukon Jack, melon liqueur, gin, and vodka added with orange juice and grenadine.

Named after the famous chemical spread over Vietnam during the Vietnam War, Agent Orange may be just as devastating as the herbicide. This tasty cocktail is loaded with so many different flavors, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it tastes like!

Try making a pitcher of Agent Orange yourself (and hopefully to share with more than a few friends!).