What Does Blue Curacao Actually Taste Like?

If you’ve ever enjoyed a blue cocktail with a sweet taste, you’ve likely been drinking Blue Curacao. It’s great blended up, on ice, on its own, and shaken up, which is why it’s found in virtually every bar. While it might look familiar, if you’ve never tasted it, you might be wondering what it’s all about.

Blue Curacao is considered an orange liquor, giving it a unique combo of flavors that are both bitter and sweet. When taking a sip, the first notes you’ll get are those of fresh oranges, followed by a small pop of citrus and then a hint of bitterness.

Below, I'll dive deeper into how Blue Curacao tastes and share some of the top cocktails featuring this bright blue flavorful liquor.

How I Would Describe the Taste of Blue Curacao

While the bright blue color may make you think it’s a sugary drink, Blue Curacao is actually tame on the sweet side. It doesn’t taste like candy and instead has a bold orange flavor with just a bit of sweetness at the end. The unique taste makes it the perfect ingredient for a number of drinks, a few of which I'll share at the end of this article.

Why Do People Like Blue Curacao?

People like Blue Curacao because of its unique flavor profile that combines sweetness and bitterness in a single drink. It's also been described as tasting like fresh oranges, making it a great choice for cocktails.

If you're a fan of fun, tropical cocktails, then you'll definitely want to give Blue Curacao a try. It's the perfect ingredient for a number of refreshing drinks, thanks to its orangey taste, but also its distinctive blue hue.

Who Might Not Like Blue Curacao?

Honestly, I can't think of many cocktail lovers who wouldn't like Blue Curacao. It's a versatile liquor that can be used in a wide variety of cocktails, and it has a flavor that is both unique and delicious. However, if you're not a fan of orange flavors, then this liquor might not be for you.

It's also not going to be for those who prefer simpler drinks, such a die-hard whiskey fans or folks who just prefer a beer. Blue Curacao is a fun, flavorful liquor that is better suited to mixing up adventurous cocktails.

How Much Does Blue Curacao Cost?

Apart from the fun color and the unique taste, another reason why you’ll find Blue Curacao on many bar shelves is because of the price. You can buy a 750ml bottle for right around 10 bucks, making it quite affordable. You only need a bit to add color and flavor, making it a good investment for your home bar.

Is Blue Curacao Alcohol-Free?

In bars, you’ll find syrups and non-alcoholic flavors all around, leaving many to question Blue Curacao’s alcohol content. But while it may look like just a syrup, Blue Curacao is a liqueur which does contain alcohol—it has an average ABV of 25%.

While this is less than spirits or hard liquor which can have ABVs of up to 40%, it's still important to go easy on it, even when used as a cocktail ingredient.

How to Use Blue Curacao

While you can use it for whatever you fancy, the typical use for Blue Curacao is for mixing. It’s added to many cocktails to give them a blue hue and to some shots for a fun and flavorful twist. There are even some who choose to drink it alone, adding a few cubes of ice and enjoying the sweet flavors.

Top Drinks Featuring Blue Curacao

Before you take off, check out these cool and refreshing drinks that feature Blue Curacao, most of which are perfect for sipping under the sun by the beach or the pool. Get creative and make them your own, or follow the classic recipes.

1. Blue Hawaiian

If there is one staple drink that features Blue Curacao, it’s the Blue Hawaiian. It has a beautiful turquoise hue thanks to the combo of Blue C and pineapple juice and has a bit of fresh-squeezed lemon and lime. Top it off with a hit of cream of coconut on the top and garnish with a pineapple slice for a summer-loving sipper.

2. Blue Margarita

Margaritas are a classic, loved by most who sip them. Whether it’s with the gals, by the pool, or out on a patio with friends, margaritas are easy to enjoy just about anywhere. To whip up a blue version, just make your favorite margarita (tequila, lime, salt, ice) and add a shot or so of Blue Curacao.

This will give your margarita a fun color and make the taste out of this world.

3. Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoons are simple to make and feature just the right amount of citrus. You’ll find different versions of this cocktail all around, though our favorite is just with a bit of ice, Blue C, vodka, a twist of lime, and a bit of fresh-squeezed orange juice to top it off.

4. Blue Long Island Iced Tea

Long Islands have been around for a long time, served in nearly every bar. When you make the blue version, all you have to do is add Blue Curacao, to the mix. So, you’ll have vodka, tequila, white rum, gin, and Blue C, adding some ice and topping off with some ginger ale and a twist of lemon.

5. Aqua Velva

Though it’s the last on the list, that still doesn’t mean it’s any less tasty. Aqua Velva is a fun, fizzy, and colorful cocktail that features vodka, gin, and Blue C. Once those are in, add some ice and top with soda water, bringing it to a bubble before topping with some freshly squeezed lemon juice.

It’s refreshing, it’s fun, and it is the perfect light drink for sipping while you’re having fun with friends under the summer sun.