Corona: What this Popular Lager Actually Tastes Like

Long before the pandemic, Corona was actually a popular brand of beer. And like any beer, one of the most important factors for many people is how it tastes. So what exactly does Corona taste like? Is it a refreshing, light lager with a crisp finish? Or is it a heavier, more full-bodied brew with a bold flavor?

In this post, we'll explore the taste of Corona and see what sets it apart from other beers on the market. We'll also delve into the different varieties of this popular Mexican import that all contribute to the overall flavor. So grab a cold one and join us to learn all about the taste of Corona beer.

How I Would Describe the Taste of Corona

Corona is an iconic lager that has a crisp and clean taste. It is a pale golden color with a malty, slightly sweet flavor and a hint of hop bitterness that creates a medium body. The overall taste of Corona is light, refreshing, and smooth, making it a great choice for many occasions.

Some people might detect a hint of citrus or tropical fruits, while others may detect a slight grainy or grassy flavor. Overall, I'd say it's well-balanced with a pleasingly light and clean taste that has made it popular all over the world.

Why Do People Like Corona?

People like Corona for a variety of reasons. For starters, its clean, light, and refreshing taste makes it a favorite choice of beer for many occasions. Its pale golden color is also very attractive and helps make it a great choice for social events.

Additionally, its moderate hop bitterness and malty sweetness make it an ideal beer for pairing with food, and its low alcohol content means it's an enjoyable yet responsible choice for those who don't want to overdo it. And of course, Corona's iconic status as one of the most recognizable beer brands in the world gives it a certain prestige that many beer drinkers find attractive.

Who Might Not Like Corona?

While Corona is generally enjoyed by many beer drinkers, some might not like how light and refreshing the flavor of Corona is. Those who prefer heavier, heartier beers for example, might not enjoy Corona because it's much lighter than most other beers—and even certain other lagers.

What's more, some people might not like the malty, slightly sweet flavor that Corona has, and beer aficionados might find it overly simple. If you aren’t into the style of beer that Corona represents, you might find it too mild and not complex enough.

Are There Different Types of Corona?

There are several different types of Corona beer. The original Corona Extra is the most widely available, but it also comes in Corona Light, Corona Premier, Corona Familiar, and Corona Refresca. Each of these variations is slightly different in terms of taste, alcoholic strength, and calorie count. Some of the flavored beers, such as Corona Refresca, also have different flavor profiles.

Corona Extra

Corona Extra is the original and most well-known brand in the Corona family of beers. It is a pale lager that is brewed with barley, hops, yeast, and water. Corona Extra is known for its light, refreshing flavor and its distinctive clear bottle that is often served with a lime wedge.

Corona Light

Corona Light is a lighter version of Corona Extra, with fewer calories and a lower alcohol content. It is also a pale lager and is brewed with the same ingredients as Corona Extra, but is specifically formulated to have a lighter flavor and body.

Corona Premier

Corona Premier is a more recent addition to the Corona family of beers. It is a low-carbohydrate and low-calorie lager that is brewed with barley, hops, yeast, and water. Corona Premier is known for its smooth and crisp taste and is marketed as a healthier alternative to traditional beers.

Corona Familiar

Corona Familiar is a larger version of the original Corona Extra, with a 32-ounce bottle that is perfect for sharing. It is a pale lager that is brewed with barley, hops, yeast, and water and has the same light, refreshing flavor as the original Corona Extra.

Corona Refresca

Corona Refresca is a flavored malt beverage that is part of the Corona family of beers. It is available in three flavors: passionfruit lime, guava lime, and coconut lime. Corona Refresca is made with malt, natural flavors, and other ingredients, and is known for its tropical and refreshing taste.

How Is Corona Usually Served?

Corona is usually served ice cold, either in the bottle or in a glass—with a wedge of lime for a refreshing, citrusy flavor. It can also be enjoyed in a pitcher with a few extra limes, or in a fun and festive margarita-style drink.

It's also on occasion served in a salt-rimmed mug as a cocktail, known as a “CoronaRita,” to create a different flavor experience. It is generally served with a light food pairing such as seafood or tacos, or can be enjoyed alone.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Corona is a light-bodied Mexican beer with a refreshing citrus aroma and a blend of malts and hops. Beer enthusiasts everywhere can enjoy this special brew with a wedge of lime to give it an extra kick.

Whether you're a fan of Corona or not, it's undeniable that it has become a household name and a popular choice among beer drinkers around the world. So the next time you crack open a cold one, why not try a Corona, and savor all the elements that contribute to its flavor. Salud!