What Exactly Does Red Bull Taste Like?

Red Bull is a popular energy drink that's consumed world-wide by all kinds of different people, from college students to athletes, from shift workers to celebrities.

The main ingredients in a can of Red Bull are taurine, caffeine, sugar and glucose syrup, and the unique flavor profile of the drink makes it different from other energy drinks which contain similar ingredients.

However, if you have never tried this energy drink before, this article will help you understand what it's like to taste your first sip!

How I Would Describe the Taste of Red Bull

Red Bull is known for tasting different than other energy drinks. It has a slightly sour taste almost comparable to the taste of tamarind or licorice, and is carbonated and sweet. Tangy and citrus are two more words that come to mind when describing the flavor.

When you first take a sip, it has a really strong flavor and may not be appealing to your tastes. But as you drink more, you may start to notice that the drink becomes more enjoyable and tasty.

That's just the original flavor though.

Initially, Red Bull came in just one classic flavor, in either a conventional or sugar-free formula. Then in 2013, a range of "color editions" featuring different fruit tastes was added to the product line.

Here's my personal opinion of the other flavors that are available:

Tropical Fruits

Yellow has a pleasant tropical flavor. However, Yellow is heavier on the mango and lighter on the citrus, whereas Orange is the opposite.

Red Bull's Tropical Fruit flavor is sweetened with sugar and sucralose, reducing the aftertaste and lowering the calorie count. If you pick the 12 oz can, it contains the same energy combination as the original Red Bull but with a bit more caffeine. Overall, it's a very tasty beverage.


You must be a blueberry enthusiast to enjoy blueberry-flavored items. Most blueberry products don't taste anything like real blueberries, and this flavor is no exception.

Blue Red Bull is artificially flavored like blueberries and is the least popular Red Bull flavor.


Red Bull introduced this taste right before Valentine's Day in 2019, and it has since been a staple on grocery store and convenience shop shelves. As Red Bull flesh out its fruity Editions portfolio, this was simply the latest feather in its crown.

On the first taste, its flavor is light and pleasant, with flavors of peach and nectarine. If you try hard enough, it tastes like peach candies from the candy aisle.

Drinking the entire 12-ounce can be a bit much since the artificial peach flavor can make it taste a touch sickly. However, if you enjoy peach-flavored items, give this one a try.

Kiwi Apple

The Kiwi-Apple Red Bull flavor was introduced in 2016, and it has thankfully remained popular for several years since what's inside that brilliant lime green can is quite delicious.

The flavor advertises apple and kiwi, but those two fruits don't seem to have been combined very effectively. This flavor is mostly apple-flavored, yet in the most well-balanced way conceivable.

Apple-flavored beverages often become excessively syrupy, but that is not the case with this Red Bull drink. The rich apple flavor, combined with a hint of kiwi, creates a well-balanced drink that is not too sweet.


With a pleasant tangerine flavor, the Orange Edition launched in 2016 as Red Bull continued extending its flavors.

Tangerine is quite refreshing without being overpoweringly orange-flavored or syrupy. Citrus tastes blend well with Red Bull in general, but this one accomplishes it exceptionally well.

This may be the ideal substitute if you don't want the calories from an orange beverage like Orange Fanta. Orange Red Bull has a similar flavor to Orange Fanta, but it contains more caffeine.

It's almost as if your favorite childhood drink has grown up and is now allowed to accompany you to work.

Why Do People Like Red Bull?

People like Red Bull because it provides them with an energy boost when they drink it. Similar to coffee, Red Bull contains a significant amount of caffeine, which can make it addicting. Many people also like (or learn to like!) its unique flavor.

In general, the majority of Red Bull drinkers seem to fall into two categories: those who typically drink energy drinks for sport, and those who are looking for a caffeine boost for other purposes such as to study or stay mentally alert.

Young urban guys who live on the edge or are into extreme sports are Red Bull's target demographic, but the drink is popular among all kinds of teenagers and young adults who are looking for a caffeine kick.

Who Might Not Like Red Bull?

There are some people who do not like Red Bull because of the taste. Others do not like it because they feel that it is too strong or makes them feel jittery.

If you're looking for a caffeinated energy drink but don't like the taste of original Red Bull, it may be worth your time to try some of the different flavors available.

But if you want a unique flavor and you're okay with the caffeine, give Red Bull a taste for yourself!

How Is Red Bull Usually Served?

Red Bull is best served cold. You can drink it straight from the can, which makes it the perfect choice for a quick energy boost on the go.

It's also common to mix Red Bull with vodka for a delicious alcoholic beverage. But if you're looking for something non-alcoholic, it also tastes great served in a glass over ice!

Red Bull is very popular in college towns, where it's often found at convenience stores and local bars. You can even find it mixed into cocktails at bars and restaurants.

Some famous Red Bull cocktails are:

Vodka Red Bull

You can mix Red Bull with vodka in a tall glass over ice for a delicious drink that will give you an energy boost.

Jager Bomb

A blend of Jagermeister and Red Bull, the Jager Bomb is a popular drink at bars. It involves dropping a shot of Jagermeister into a pint glass of Red Bull.

Bullfrog Cocktail

This concoction from the Tipsy Bartender is described as a supercharged version of a Long Island Iced Tea. Definitely go easy on this one!