Wine like Caymus: The Best Alternatives on the Market

If you love Caymus Vineyards’ famous Cabernet Sauvignon wine but hate the price tag, can’t find it near you, or just want to try a different wine that you might like as much, there are some great options out there.

In this article, we are going to explore some wines that are similar to the iconic Napa Valley Caymus wine that you definitely want to try!

Hall Winery

If you’re looking for the closest thing to a Caymus dupe at a fraction of the price, Hall Winery has it! This fellow Napa Valley winery has made a name for itself crafting some fantastic Cabernet Sauvignons that will have you saying “Caymus, who?”.

This big, bold Cabernet is loaded with flavor and personality. Recent vintages were hailed by reviewers as some of the best Cabernets to come out of California in decades.

The best part about a Hall Cabernet? The price point. With bottle prices ranging from $40-$200, this is a very accessible wine because there are plenty of options to taste this fantastic wine regardless of your wine budget.


Justin wines have become a household name in their own right as the characteristic dark bottle with red lettering and triangle detail has become almost instantly recognizable to wine lovers. The quality speaks for itself and it is a great alternative to Caymus as well.

Justin Cabernets embody everything that’s good about the “big Cali Cabs” that you always hear about. Their wines are full of rich, jammy red berry flavors and just the right amount of oak. The flavors are bold and truly are a tasting experience whether tasted alone or paired with a meal.

Justin Cabernets are easy to find in your local grocery or liquor store almost everywhere. This makes it easy to pick up on your way to a dinner party and wow your friends, even if they are diehard Caymus lovers.

Teeter Totter

This delicious Cabernet Sauvignon wine by Teeter Totter is yet another great wine option produced out of Napa Valley. It’s a fantastic wine to try if you’re wanting to try something other than Caymus, but you really want something similar.

Falling in line at a similar price point to most Caymus Cabernets, Teeter Totter is really a great alternative. You’ll often hear it recommended by wine shops if you mention that you’re a big Caymus fan. It can be fun to taste alongside Caymus to notice the many similarities.

The only downside to Teeter Totter is it may be hard to find. So if you see this wine with the adorable elephant and mouse logo, you should definitely pick up a bottle or two. Loaded with the ripe fruit flavors that you love out of the Napa Valley, it’s a great Caymus alternative.

The Hess Collection

It’s no secret that Caymus is a pricey wine, so it may not be in the budget to purchase on a regular basis for some people. If that’s the case, The Hess Collection is a true budget option if you’re looking for a Caymus-style wine at a much more affordable cost.

We have already mentioned some other wines on this list that offer some vintages at a lower price point and are available at local stores nationwide.

The Hess Collection has Cabernets that give you everything you love about a traditional California Cabernet for under $50. In fact, if you are lucky enough to find a “Hess Select” wine at a store near you the price may be under $20!

Hess offers a variety of Cabernets in the California style you undoubtedly love if you’re a Caymus fan. Its wines are full of blackberry and red berry flavors as well as notes of vanilla, cocoa, and mocha.

Silver Oak

You really can’t talk about Caymus wine without talking about Silver Oak in the same sentence. The two brands are the true household names when it comes to California Cabernet Sauvignons.

If you love Caymus wine, it goes without saying that you will love the rich, oaky wine that Silver Oak produces year after year.

With a laser-sharp focus on consistency in their wine-making process, Silver Oak is dedicated to producing delicious wine year after year. They choose their winemakers carefully to maintain the integrity of their wine and famously have only had 3 winemakers in the last 40 years.

Many wine lovers complain that even their favorite wineries occasionally have an off-year and may not like every single vintage that is released for one reason or another. Silver Oak makes a concentrated effort to control all of the variables in winemaking to avoid those dreaded off years.

Silver Oak wines live up to their name. All of their wines have a heavy oak influence due to the aging process in American oak barrels. It adds so much richness and depth to the wine and has become one of their signatures.

Opus One

Although it is not technically a Cabernet like most of Caymus’ most famous wines, a list like this would not be complete without mentioning Opus One wine. In a category completely their own, Opus One is a “cult” favorite wine with sophisticated wine drinkers and collectors alike.

Opus One is a mostly-Cabernet blend that is made in one style each year for a limited release. The exact blend of grapes changes every year, but all are heavily Cabernet-focused and oak-influenced. With bottle prices starting at $365, it is the epitome of luxury California wine.

One of the things that sets Opus One apart aside from its exclusive nature and the high price tag is the wine-making process. All grapes for Opus One wines are hand-harvested and then sorted using impressive winery technology systems to ensure the perfect grapes get into your glass.

If you are looking for a wine like Caymus that is the epitome of luxury and decadence, Opus One is the wine you’re looking for. It is full of bold, ripe fruit flavors and silky notes of dark chocolate, rose petals, and black pepper. Drinking Opus One is an experience in and of itself.